Throughout this blog series on BYOD and 1:1 Tablet Implementation, we’ll learn about the types of BYOD scheme, the numerous benefits, the challenges of implementing these schemes and the potential cost savings they can offer.

If you’re just beginning to explore implementing a BYOD scheme in your school, the myriad of benefits are increasingly well documented – for example, students tend to have the most up-to-date devices which means that schools not only save money on having to constantly re-invest in new technologies, but also they know their students are already familiar with the technology and apps they’re using.

Students are also more comfortable with using their own devices, which means they’re not only likely to be far more engaged with learning but they’re also motivated to take better care of their devices than they would a school-issued device or text book.

We also know that students are more likely to continue learning or completing homework on their own device outside of school hours which increases productivity, whilst collaboration in and out of the classroom is improved through the use of supplementary apps like Google Apps for Education or Office 365, which make communication and sharing easier to manage and track.

Time savings are tangible too; if you’re a teacher, you’ll no longer have to worry about wheeling out laptop trollies and setting them all up - students simply sit down and open up their devices, and using apps that complement existing teaching pedagogy can save you lots of time too.

You can monitor your students’ work in real-time and easily issue new assignments and projects. These apps also enable you to personalise learning according to each students’ ability, and students are enhancing their life skills by working with the latest technologies which they’ll be likely to use in their future careers.

For more advice, insights and tips on which BYOD solution could benefit for your school, check out the other blogs in our BYOD series at or contact us for more information.

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