Following your feedback, we are updating RM Unify to change the display name format for teachers in G Suite. This is particularly relevant for schools using Google Classroom as it displays the teacher's entire first name and last name, which many schools don't consider appropriate.

From the v3.18 release in January, the display name of all staff users will be shown as “[first initial] [surname]" in G-suite applications - for example: "J Bloggs". This is a change from the way staff were previously displayed, which was “[full first name] [surname]” - for example "Joe Bloggs".

We are making this the default for all new and existing customers. If you are an existing customer and want to opt-out of this change, please raise a support request with RM.

After the RM Unify upgrade, any existing G Suite staff users will have their display name updated the next time their data is synced from RM Unify. Most schools will want to force this process for all their users, via the 'Resync Users' button in the App Library.

If you have any questions about this change, please drop us a line at

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