RM Unify are thrilled to announce that Good2Go is now available through RM Unify. Through the recording and sharing of achievements, Good2Go celebrates everything that is good about children and young people with everyone who matters the most - both at home and in school.

Whether it be a simple post, an encouraging comment, a skill share, blog or photograph, Good2Go enables children to express themselves, reflect on their passions, skills and qualities and importantly raise each other’s aspirations and sense of self-worth.

For schools, Good2Go provides evidence of progress in skills and qualities and promotes a positive culture of success. it can be used anytime, anywhere and on any device and this flexibility means that it is perfect for independent, group or class use.

Good2Go provides solutions to some of society’s toughest challenges by:
  1. Celebrating achievements, increasing confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness.
  2. Improving literacy and communication through collaborative features such as blogging and skill sharing.
  3. Linking home with school by engaging parents with their children’s effort and success
  4. Increasing motivation & engagement by linking learning to life outside the classroom.
  5. Using digital content, messaging and comments in a safe environment to encourage responsible and respectful use of the digital environment.

As a result.....

  • Are motivated and inspired to learn new skills and to develop qualities that prepare them for the next stage in their education
  • Use reflection and their increasing self-awareness to identify next steps in learning
  • Are encouraged to aim high and achieve their aspirations
  • Are enabled to be independent
  • Practice the safe and respectful use of the internet
  • Develop and celebrate enterprise, creativity and innovation
Teachers & school leaders are:
  • Provided with evidence of children’s achievement, personal development, behaviour and well-being
  • Given a "bird's eye view" of the talents, skills and potential of every child
  • Able to Identify underachievement and disengagement
Parents are:
  • Provided with an innovative way of informing them of their child's developing skills and qualities through the sharing of achievements
  • Enabled to share and celebrate their child's successes
  • Aware of the need to provide positive feedback in order to encourage children’s desire and curiosity to take on new challenges

Feedback tells us that schools like the way Good2Go links, home, school and the community together, the way in which it demonstrates evidence of growth and progression and the fact that children love using it. You too could join the growing number of schools that appreciate all that Good2Go has to offer.

When you sign up to Good2Go you’ll find there is really nothing to lose but plenty to be gained!

Good2Go is now available with Single sign-on through RM Unify. To find out more about Good2Go and how this could work in your RM Unify account, please contact rmunify@rm.com or call us on 0808 172 9525.

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