As we've explored throughout our Budget Solutions blog series, there are significant benefits to rethinking your school's approach to ICT in the face of ever-decreasing budgets.

We have discussed the ways schools can navigate around this issue by outsourcing support costs, moving to a server-less model and ensuring technology is fully supporting their pedagogy, but the other major benefit to rethinking your approach is time.

There are only a set number of teaching hours in the school year, so if your network goes down and you lose days of teaching time - particularly during a GCSE year - you will reach a point where that lost time can never be regained.

Through focusing on the pedagogical outcomes to which your school aspires and using them to shape your ICT strategy, precious budgets can be spent in a manner that provides the maximum return and lost teaching time will be prevented.

Major cost-effective technological trends in education - including the introduction and embedding of cloud-based applications and services - place ICT back under the control of your senior leadership team.

From here, you can focus on maximising the benefit to teaching and learning, reduce excessive support costs and re-purpose existing resources - consequently, that precious teaching time is no longer lost, your staff can focus on engagement and attainment, and your students are best placed to realise their maximum potential.

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