In our previous blog posts exploring Budget Solutions, we’ve seen how becoming a server-less school can have a significant impact on reducing your school’s overall ICT spend.

Usability is improved too, as staff and students can access systems from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device, rather than just within the school network. This allows Senior Leadership Teams to access the MIS from home or students to collaborate on and complete projects in the evening.

But there is another key benefit to adopting this model; a reduction in ICT maintenance and support service costs. Since cloud-based solutions have no local servers to manage, maintain, repair and in due course, replace, schools can make substantial cost-savings as a result of moving into the cloud.

Our research has indicated that having remote support in place can be infinitely more cost-effective for schools, with on average 60% of issues resolved remotely, reducing the need for a large on-site technical team.

It also frees up your existing team to concentrate on physical tasks, such as whiteboard problems and replacing projector bulbs, as well as using their on-site expertise to help embed and expand the use of ICT in the classroom and operationally for administrative functions.

Using outsourced support services can minimise unforeseen costs, mitigate future risks and support long-term cost savings of at least 15%.

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