Thousands of schools are now using Office 365 through RM Unify and enjoying the 1TB of free storage in OneDrive. However, there is still confusion surrounding where to save data. The OneDrive mapper for CC4 helps by mapping your cloud storage to appear alongside your local storage drives, so it’s simple and quick to save files directly to OneDrive.

If you use the same usernames for your network and Office 365 accounts the first version will enable you to map your OneDrive. Coming soon will be a second version that will allow schools with different Office 365 usernames to their network accounts to also map their OneDrive.

For more information on the OneDrive mapping, and all the other new releases that are coming for both CC4 and RM Unify, come and visit us at one of our nationwide RM Seminars from 25th February to 22nd March 2016.

Book your free place today to find out more and to see us showcasing OneDrive for the very first time.

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