Room Booking System from BETT award winning company School Cloud Systems is a new app within RM Unify. It's so handy that when you give it a go you'll probably wonder how you ever managed before.

Over 2,000 schools use products from School Cloud Systems. They can also integrate with many other school management systems. Importantly, there's no extra cost for the RM Unify single sign on.

How it works

Any school who has a Room Booking System licence can use the RM Unify single sign on and it's really quick to configure. Schools should contact School Cloud Systems with their DfE number which is then checked to make sure it is entered correctly.

School Cloud Systems will then contact you to make sure the usernames they have and your RM Unify usernames match. If any usernames differ, School Cloud Systems will update them prior to turning on the integration. You can switch to RM Unify single sign on from manually managing usernames/passwords, LDAP authentication or any other form of single sign on.

Your school can then enable the single sign on app in RM Unify and test it before School Cloud Systems redirects all logins via RM Unify.

Parents Evening System booking app

School Cloud Systems also offer the Parents Evening System which is due to be launched with RM Unify's single sign on later this year.

To make your booking systems more effective and to see how this could work with RM Unify single sign on please contact or call 0808 172 9525.

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