Recent social, cultural and behavioural shifts, coupled with the explosion of content, the widespread availability of inappropriate material, growing concerns over online radicalisation and the rise in popularity of apps like Instagram, Snapchat and even Tinder have meant that schools need to stay ahead of the curve and ensure their staff have the proper training to keep students safe.

One of the most vital tools in safeguarding students is adding a keyword monitoring service to your school’s network to track and monitor keywords or topics.

This is especially important in helping schools to identify keywords being searched by their students which could highlight a major cause for concern, such as students looking for information on suicide, self-harming or content which could be considered radical or extreme.

Under the new Prevent Duty, every school must have an extremism policy for both staff and students, and keyword tracking can be integral to identifying and quickly escalating these issues.

In the wider context, creating a culture of openness, and a safe environment for students to express their views and opinions without being marginalised, is essential in tackling this issue – as is having regular and frank discussions with wider school community.

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