It is now almost a year since Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon launched the Legacy 110 project; a project designed to encourage pupils who have visited the First World War battlefields to share their experience with their local communities.

The Legacy 110 project encourages the 8,800 students who are visiting the battlefields of Northern France and Belgium, through the government-funded Battlefields Tours Programme, to share their experiences with 110 other people. If every student that goes on a tour achieves the Legacy 110 target, 880,000 people will have gained a deeper understanding of the First World War - the same as the number of British and Colonial soldiers who died during the war.

One of RM’s partners, Encyclopaedia Britannica, is also a partner to this national education programme, and they have been hosting the Legacy 100 National Map which is showcasing all of the projects from the schools around the UK. You can take a look at some of the great projects which have been created by pupils all over the UK here.

Britannica is honoured to partner with the IOE for Legacy 110 as 250 years of our experience ensures that moments in history are never forgotten or ignored, but are always remembered and available for everyone to learn about and use for reflection.

Emma Cork - UK Sales Manager, Encyclopaedia Britannica

2016 will see the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. As part of the national commemorations, the Battlefield Tours Programme is offering schools the unique opportunity to travel to the Somme in 2016 and to lead a community-focussed commemorative project as part of the programme's Legacy110 initiative.

There is no better way for students to develop a personal connection to the First World War than through visiting the former battlefields 100 year on. Sign up today and join one of the tours in 2016 and be part of Somme100 - the national commemoration of the Battle of the Somme.

Find out more information here.

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