The Department for Education didn’t release their list of open academies in June, so we thought we’d help.

According to Edubase, as of 1st June 2016, there were 5,715 academies (including free schools, studio schools and UTCs) open in England. That means that 19% of primary schools, 66% of secondary schools and 27% of all state schools in England are now academies. In total, 2.7m pupils are now taught in academies.

There is a lot of variation between regions. In Bournemouth 85% of primary schools and every secondary school is now an academy, but there are still no primary academies in Greenwich, Sefton or Warrington, and no secondary academies in Bury. 

There are now 1,009 registered multi-academy trusts, but a quarter of them currently only have a single school. There are 23 multi-academy trusts or sponsors that are now each responsible for in excess of 7,000 pupils. The two largest, AET and United Learning are each responsible for just over 30,000 pupils. 

Download the full overview.  

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