Fiction Express logoOn Friday 22nd April, Fiction Express, an App within RM Unify will be launching three new interactive ebooks to support literacy in schools. Published in gripping weekly episodes, pupils are able to vote each week to decide the plot. The new episodes are written live, in real time, by professional authors, and are accompanied by extensive weekly teacher resources.

  • World Book Day £1 book author, Cavan Scott, will be writing a new title in his exciting series about Snaffles the cat burglar and his dozy canine sidekick, Bonehead. This dynamic duo will explore an Egyptian tomb in 'Snaffles and the Tomb of Terror' (reading age 8+).
  • Captain Jellybeard will be taking to the high seas to track down a ghost ship in award-winning Simon Cheshire's fun new story (reading age 6+).
  • And Fiction Express will be publishing 'Ghost Tower', a thrilling new sci-fi adventure written by Andrew G Taylor.

Where will the stories go? The readers decide!

Check out Fiction Express in the RM Unify App library now to join in the fun! Three new ebooks launch each half term so keep an eye out for more great reads throughout the year.

Fiction Express books

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