Children as young as three are getting to grips with software on tablets and mobiles for learning. Schools can emulate this learning with educational software that engages pupils and delivers excellent academic results.

For basic skills such as solving number problems and learning how to read, adding an elearning dimension can help to improve comprehension and retain those skills for longer. In addition, learning through play is seen to be an effective way of helping children to understand new concepts and make fast progress.

Our two software programs Literacy Planet and RM Easimaths are essentials for your classroom toolkit:

  • Proven to boost maths and literacy development
  • Encourage interaction with a subject in a fun and engaging way
  • The game elements make pupils feel like they’re not doing classwork!
  • Automated learning paths allow children to develop at their own pace, but with challenges that encourage progression
  • Developed to suit the English National Curriculum and Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
  • Reporting functions so you can keep tabs on individual and class progress
  • Suited for children of all different abilities from 4 to 12 years old
All set for summer

Many teachers worry about children forgetting key skills over the summer break. With the six-week holiday looming, over 77% of primary school teachers and 60% of secondary, are concerned about summer learning loss. (

One of the biggest draws for these two programs on offer is that they’re both available online, which means your pupils can access them during the summer – keeping up with maths and literacy while they’re at home, and making them ideal for summer work assignments. They are also perfect for trying out during summer schools for those who opt for extra tuition.

Reading and comprehension

Over the summer holidays it can be difficult to ascertain whether or not pupils are keeping up with their reading exercises. But not with Literacy Planet. It contains thousands of activities developed by educators to improve pre-reading, phonics, sight words, reading, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, grammar and punctuation – and it provides teachers with comprehensive reports every time an exercise is completed.

Numeracy and maths skills

Maths can be a subject that teachers find challenging to make exciting and involve children in a way that will help them to learn and retain information. We’ve found that schools where children log on and play RM Easimaths for 10-20 minutes, two to three times a week, start to see better engagement and progression with maths activities as a whole.

Inject fun into learning, and save money too…

Both of these great learning programs combine to engage and teach pupils essential literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and exciting way.

From now until 30th June 2016, RM is offering a 20% discount off both products when you buy numeracy package RM Easimaths with literacy-based Literacy Planet.

This unique bundle offers you the very best in interactive learning to help you take maths and literacy to a higher level.

To take advantage of the offer, just email with the number of pupils in your school – before 30th June 2016 – and we’ll get you started.
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