RM Unify MIS Sync allows schools to sync MIS data into the cloud. Most RM Unify schools use this data to sync class lists and parent information into third party systems such as Show My Homework.

From September 2016, a new feature will be made available to provision RM Unify users directly from your school MIS (currently that's only possible from AD or CSV upload).

Before that, in August 2016 we will also be providing a new feature, one that allows school staff to sync their class lists (Teaching Groups) into Office 365. These groups would be used to share files, pages, posts etc. in Office 365 to students within a given class just by clicking on a class name.

We're delighted to be able to offer MIS Sync, and these two new features to schools using Progresso as their MIS. The list of supported MIS providers for RM Unify now includes: RM Integris, Capita SIMs, SEEMiS (Scotland) and Progresso.

If you have any questions about this change, please drop us a line at rmunify@rm.com

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