Every time I talk to customers either on the phone, face to face or at the RM Seminars the one thing that always shines through is their praise for, and value of, the support they receive from RM.

I have felt for a while that we don't tell enough people how good our support really is – yes, our existing customers know through experience; but do all those thousands of schools who we do not currently support know?

But how to reach them...

One place to do this is through entering a submission for the BETT Awards for ICT service and support  which, "celebrates UK-based companies and educational organisations that provide effective services, support and professional development to ensure that ICT really makes an impact in the classroom". Hopefully this would allow us to share our value and impact.

Working with my colleague Clare Coombs, between us we discovered a whole array of hidden gems of evidence, stats and quotes to support our entry.

Who knew that:

  • the Broadband team sent an engineer over 250 miles to Humphrey Davey School to replace a faulty router over the weekend even though the customer doesn't pay for 24x7 support.
  • our network support engineers supported Hazelwick School during evenings and weekends to keep their server running until the end of term as a server swap wasn't feasible until that time.
  • our RM Flex proactive checks identified a student whose login time was far exceeding the school average of 22 seconds. This issue was found and fixed so that the student's lessons weren't impacted.

These are just a fraction of the amazing things we have found and I'm sure we've only really just scratched the surface!

We've captured the essence of these services across RM Education, bottling what customers find special about our service within a powerful two-minute film...

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