RM Unify v3.28 our latest software update was released yesterday and the new features are:

1. Two way password sync for Network Provisioning

The main focus of this release is to add support for two-way password synchronisation between the cloud (i.e. RM Unify and your apps) and the local network for customers who move to Network Provisioning from RM Unify.

Up until this point, password synchronisation between RM Unify and the network has been limited to one-way synchronisation up from the network via RM Unify AD Sync for customers who provision accounts in RM Unify from their Windows Active Directory.

Two-way password synchronisation, therefore, significantly improves on this by allowing users the flexibility to change their password either in RM Unify or on their local network and still keep their passwords synchronised.

We have been working with pilot sites over the summer to trial RM Unify Network Provisioning for CC4 and we will be expanding the number of pilot sites now that we have password synchronisation in place, ahead of our planned general release later in the autumn.

Please get in touch with us at rmunify@rm.com if you are interested in joining our pilot programme.

2. Better use of space in Management Console and App Library

People using Management Console are power users that need to complete their task - be it change a user password, sync a group to Office 365, or track down an error. We've improved layout of these pages to make the most of your widescreen monitor and we've increased the density of information on data grids, meaning less scrolling for you.

If you have any questions about these changes, please drop us a line at rmunify@rm.com

Further information

We release updates to RM Unify roughly every 4-6 weeks. Check the blog regularly to see what's new.

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