RM Unify Software Update (3.20): Automatically create Google Classrooms and Office 365 groups from your MIS

For a while now RM Unify has been able to provision Office 365 groups from your MIS. Following the success of this, we have now released the capability to do the same for G Suite. Not only that, the unique power of RM Unify also allows schools to effortlessly manage both platforms from the same easy-to-use management console. In doing so RM Unify now offers the most complete identity management solution available.

Automatic Google Classroom provisioning straight from your MIS

As an establishment with RM Unify MIS Sync enabled, it is possible to sync your teaching groups, year groups and registration groups from your MIS with Google Classroom.

Each evening RM Unify checks Google Classroom rosters against MIS records and makes necessary adjustments in cases where students have been added to or removed from groups. This automatic process can be completed manually at any time through the RM Unify management console. Similarly, if you want to remove the class from Google Classroom, click the ‘Delete Google Class’ option in the RM Unify Management Console.

For full instructions and guidance on using this new set of features, read this new support article.

Google Classroom, O365 or BOTH!

This latest update works with the previous release of Office 365 group provisioning to give users the most comprehensive identity management solution available. The simple Management Console interface allows administrators to seamlessly manage users and groups in both platforms simultaneously.

Group Sync Settings - Screen Shot

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