The recent BESA report on the procurement landscape for multi-academy trusts shows that 51% of MATs have centralised the procurement of ICT equipment and services, the second most commonly centralised service after utilities. Part of the reason for this is that ICT often represents a large proportion of individual academy’s expenditure, but also that efficient use of technology can save trusts money while delivering improved teaching and learning. Technology enables more effective working styles for staff and students by allowing collaboration in real-time, it allows you to move services into the cloud to reduce reliance on expensive on-site servers, and it allows you to deliver truly innovative solutions to teaching and learning.

Trusts are in a unique position to be able to use their economies of scale, centralised services and procurement strategies to negotiate the best value for money services to meet their needs.

To help you realise how much you could be saving as a trust we have created a calculator, designed specifically for multi-academy trusts. Answer 6 questions about your ICT use and, using our knowledge of trusts and education, we’ll generate a potential savings figure and send you a personalised report to explain the cost savings you could be making across your Trust.

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