RM have come a long way over the past 40 years in their Server & Storage capabilities. From originally manufacturing their own range, to now working ever closer with Dell EMC as the RM Recommends Server & Storage partner of choice.

Why RM Recommends

RM have had a ‘Recommends’ range for their desktops and laptops for a number of years, so why extend this to their Server & Storage Range?

RM understand how complicated planning, implementing and maintaining a schools network is, even more so with the increasing move to the cloud. Because of this, a simple range has been created which fits every scenario a school has. Whether you are a secondary school who are just beginning their journey to the cloud and require a large amount of onsite storage, or are a small primary school with 50 pupils who have 1 to 1 chrome devices and are utilising the G-suite for Education eco system, RM and Dell EMC can provide the right server to suite your needs!

Why Dell EMC

Dell EMC are not just a supplier for RM; they are a partner. What does this mean for you?

Due to the fact that they are the biggest global IT Company and have an invested interest in the market, Dell EMC are able to provide the most innovative, education suited technology. With RM’s great understanding of the education market and collaboratively hand-picking the range, they have created a cost effective server & storage solutions for you.

To see the full range of servers please visit the RM Store here.

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