As has been reported on many news organisations, Petya, a dangerous ransomware variant has been released that impacts Windows client and server operating systems by targeting the same vulnerability (Eternal Blue) as WannaCry. It spreads by infecting machines open to this vulnerability, likely through an infected email attachment.

The good news is that most major anti-virus providers, including our partners Trend Micro and Symantec, block this malware. However, the following guidance will help mitigate the potential impact:

Ensure you

  • Have up to date virus definitions for your clients and servers.
  • Install the latest patches using your update method for your Microsoft client and servers
  • Have regular cyber security awareness for your colleagues to mitigate against threats that target people

As with many global malware infections, information is still being fully formed by the Security community and so this information may change as guidance becomes clearer. Please re-check this blog post where any pertinent updates will be added.

Further information:

Read our guidance following the WannaCry outbreak:

RM advice on SMB (v1):

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