Edmodo has recommended to all of their users that they change their passwords as soon as possible. This advice follows their recently reported data breach.

Edmodo is a cached password tile that is offered in the RM Unify/Glow platform.  

For Edmodo users accessing it via the saved password tile in RM Unify/Glow you will also need to update your password credentials on your LaunchPads to regain access.  

To change your credentials on a saved password app: 
1.     Sign in to RM Unify/Glow. 
2.     Find the saved password app tile on your LaunchPad. 
3.     On the tile, click the 'i' icon. 
4.     Click Edit Settings. 
5.     Update your saved password details. 
6.     Click Save. 

Full details on how to change your credentials can also be found at https://support.rm.com/technicalarticle.asp?cref=tec5702614

Please note: Your RM Unify/Glow usernames and passwords have not been affected.
This is an Edmodo issue only. 

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