Many schools start their move to the Cloud without considering the changes that will need to be made to their workplace culture to adapt to these changes. Without a simultaneous change in your school’s approach to IT, many of the benefits associated with moving to the Cloud such as increased sharing and collaboration or reduced printing costs go unnoticed or become burdensome as people try and operate in a confused hybrid environment.

Having a robust change management plan in place can ensure that your school is ready to welcome all of the enhanced learning outcomes that the Cloud can bring. Managing this change does not have to be a daunting or frustrating process and your IT partner will be able to help you to put an effective plan in place.

Start by looking at the strategy and vision of your school and where your school is now compared to where it wants to be in the future. This will help you to consider the real reasons why your school wants to move to the Cloud and the benefits that it can bring so that you can plan any changes accordingly.

In order for these changes to work you will also need to have buy in from your key stakeholders and a network of champions who can drive these changes forward in your school and encourage others to follow.

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