Many schools have been using some cloud-based applications for a while, take for instance email. However, it’s in the last couple of years that we’ve really seen a surge in cloud-based apps used for teaching and learning.

The Cloud can undoubtedly offer great benefits to your school, but the experience could be greatly hindered by poor broadband. A reliable Internet service is integral, your staff and students should walk through those school gates and be confident that they’re going to be able to access the online resources and apps that they need, with no need for a plan B. Without reliable broadband your experience of cloud technologies is going to be nothing but interrupted and frustrating.

Schools also need to take a look at the capacity of their broadband connection. We’ve seen unprecedented growth of Internet usage in the last seven years, in fact we’ve seen growth of approximately 30% year on year as our schools have embraced the educational benefits of the Cloud. With this in mind you need to ensure that if you are wanting to make a move to the Cloud that your connection capacity is suitable for now and for the future. Ultimately it will be your broadband capacity that will determine which online content, educational applications, digital learning and administrative services that your school community can use effectively in the school.

With the right Internet service the Cloud can offer huge benefits to your school from a budgetary perspective and from the ways it improves the educational experience for students, teachers and parents.

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