Cloud technologies can be amazing, but only when partnered with great skills that help to maximise their potential. Moving to the cloud offers opportunities to work in new ways, but how do you make sure staff are confident to use them and pupils are willing to embrace them in the classroom?

With skilled technicians, staff and students you can ensure that lessons using cloud tools are outstanding and engaging. Training enables your staff to feel empowered and confident in embracing new technologies and maximises the positive impact that they can have in the classroom.

Training can come if many different forms, some of the most popular training courses that we see schools take advantage of are;

  • CPD accredited training - RM offers free technical and educational CPD around the UK each year at the RM Seminars.

  • Platform specific training - RM partners with world-class trainers to provide a wide range of training and consultancy on G Suite for Education and Office 365.

  • Digital leaders programme – We can work with you to build a digital leaders programme which gets pupils engaged in the new cloud technologies in your school and encourages students to become ambassadors for the tools.

  • Consultancy - Consultancy can provide you with an opportunity to work with senior leaders, technical leads and digital leaders to collaboratively develop effective strategies for adoption, implementation and embedding of cloud tools.

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