We’ve been talking for ages about how well RM Unify and RM Integris integrate to help our customers save time and money. But it is now even truer than ever before.

Previously, RM Unify allowed you to use RM Integris to provision accounts into apps, such as Office 365 and G Suite, but recent developments now allow you to provision accounts from your MIS into your local active directory. Network provisioning will make huge changes to the work load of technical and administration teams by making the addition or removal of pupils and teachers from the school network and MIS seamless.

We’ve outlined some of the benefits in the infographic below but if you’d like to find out any more about RM Unify or RM Integris and how this could work in practice, feel free to book a demo on www.rm.com/unify, email networks@rm.com or book onto one of our upcoming webinars on www.rm.com/events/rm-seminars.

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