We’re delighted to welcome SchoolBoard into the RM Unify App Library. SchoolBoard is a user-friendly and intuitive platform built upon Office 365, which allows you to:

  • Create, assign, share and submit assignments at a click of the mouse
  • Sync user profiles and class rosters from your MIS
  • Provisions groups and class websites
  • Integrates fully with RM Unify
  • Drives knowledge sharing and collaboration through access to the latest Microsoft productivity tools

The Schoolboard extends Office 365, deploying a rich education experience within SharePoint Online. Schoolboard offers:

  • Very simple and easy accessible user interface
  • Everybody can make new files and make corrections
  • Office documents on smart phones, tablets and PC
  • Copying, sharing and submitting documents at a click of the mouse
  • Support process oriented writing with several authors writing in one and same Word document, Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation at the same time
  • Sorting by headlines provides an easy overview
  • Students submit directly to the teachers' submission folder without the use of mail, USB or drop box
  • Learning progress and homework easily saved in the class' common materials file
  • Individual link collection for the school - for the class - for the team and for the teacher team
  • Learning progress and teaching resources are shared and distributed directly among the teachers in course teams
  • Everyone has their own Outlook with professional mail and calendar
  • Virtual meetings with an unlimited number of participants

SchoolBoard has been designed for small schools as well as for large MATs with several schools and thousands of users at the same time. Based on their use of other online solutions the students quickly learn how to use SchoolBoard and the teachers welcome the very simple and safe working environments.

  • You must have an existing Office 365 tenancy. RM can assist get you started with this.
  • You must be provisioning users into Office 365 from RM Unify
  • Your school must have installed RM Unify MIS Sync and linked up MIS records with your RM Unify users.
  • You need an Microsoft Azure subscription - Schoolboard sync components run in your Azure subscription. If you already have an Azure account, great! If not, RM can help you set one up.

*If these steps are not complete, the teaching group information cannot be sent to SchoolBoard

  Special Offer Price** Regular Price
< 500 Students £500 (22Y-509) £700 (22T-345)
> 500 Students £500 (22Y-507) £1100 (22T-582)

**This offer is open to customers with an RM Unify Premium Subscription, renewing into the Regular Price after 1 year

Further information:

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