We have now released CC4 Update 203 and CC4 Update 204 to all customers with an active RM support contract or CC4 Subscription licence*

These are two critical updates required to replace expired key certificates on your CC4 networks. These will ensure that your CC4 builds and the download of the list of RM approved WSUS updates continue to operate successfully.

We are recommending that customers install these ASAP:

  • DWN5718911 - Critical update to add new CC4 Build Root & Build SSL Certificates to maintain CC4 build security [CC4UPD203]
  • DWN5808147- Critical CC4 update for handling WSUS updates following the install of CC4UPD203 [CC4UPD204]

Please note that with the installation of CC4UPD204 there is a new URL for the RM server hosting the approved updates (cc4updatemetadata2.rmplc.net on port 443) as we have moved this server to the Cloud as part of our ongoing improvements.

Full installation instructions can be found in each of the links above.

Those not eligible for CC4 upgrades and would like to have access, may either purchase an RM network support contract or CC4 upgrade Subscription licence to gain access. Please get in touch with your RM account manager to discuss the best option for you.

*as per section 3 of our T&C’s here

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