We would like to notify users that from the end of November 2017 the RM Unify Wikis service will no longer be offered.

After a detailed review of the service, it was found that usage of RM Wikis was very low across all groups. A decision has therefore been made to discontinue this service. We understand that this may impact a very small number of existing RM Wikis users, however the service is no longer viable.

Alternatives to the RM Wikis service do exist within RM Unify (and Glow) to which existing RM Wikis content could be migrated. Both Office 365 and G Suite also offer functionality which serves a similar purpose. There will, unfortunately, be no automated transfer from RM Wikis to these services, however it may well be possible for users to manually transfer content.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss the options available to you, please email rmunify@rm.com

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