If you’re already set on changing to a new cloud-based MIS system for your school, one of the key factors in deciding which MIS to choose will probably be the switching process. You need to know that it will be simple, with all your staff quickly trained so they can get the most from the new system straightaway.

RM has been helping migrate schools to our cloud MIS, RM Integris for many years. We have developed a smooth switching process to ensure you are up and running with the minimum of fuss. Once you have decided to proceed with RM Integris and placed an order the migration journey begins.

Your own migration project co-ordinator

We allocate a dedicated project co-ordinator to every school’s migration. The project co-ordinator starts by contacting your school, typically by phone. This conversation covers a description of the process and agreeing the milestones. After the call, you receive a detailed email confirmation.

“The move was so well planned out I was worried I didn’t have anything to worry about”.

Business Manager, PRU Tower Hamlets

Training is a vital part of changing any system within a school. We allocate a named trainer to each school for the migration process. In consultation with you they set the date and time for the training to take place and discuss any specific requirements your school may have. We also check your access to the systems needed to complete the training. Before training starts, the trainer will send the login credentials to a demonstration database to be used during the training programme.

Working at a speed which suits you, your nominated staff complete the pre-migration training using the RM Training Academy. Only then will an actual migration date be set.

As the migration date approaches, communication is stepped up. One week before the migration date our project co-ordinator will do two things. Firstly, they will make sure that the pre-migration checks are complete. Secondly, they will describe the migration data files required so that your school knows exactly what to provide. On the day before the scheduled migration date we request that your school sends a backup of your existing MIS along with the common transfer files to RM’s migration team via a secure transfer link.

Data migration in a single day

On the agreed migration day itself, the migration team works to finish the process as quickly as possible. For an average primary school that means migration can be completed by lunchtime that day. A large secondary school might take two days in total. Once all the tasks and checks are done, the migration team sends the new login details and a confirmation document. The confirmation contains advice on checks for your school to run to give you confidence that all is well.

In person or online training happens on migration day or at a later date specified by your school. One of our specialised trainers will cover the subjects that are important for your school's specific requirements.

“RM did it all. The training was brilliant and the data migration flawless".

Natalie Lee, School Administrator, St Mary’s Church of England Infant School, Witney

Ongoing support

In the days and weeks after migration the project co-ordinator and migration team will contact you several times. These emails and phone calls ensure that the new processes are bedding in well and resolve any teething problems that a new system can create. The migration process ends with a ‘Happiness call’. In this call, the project co-ordinator ensures that your school is happy with RM Integris as its MIS and can use the system to achieve all you want from it. Your school can also contact the RM Integris support team at any point after migration to resolve any issues that arise.

As a valued RM Integris customer your school will be invited to attend virtual and in-person events. These events give users the opportunity to improve their skills, to reduce the burden of routine tasks and enhance their reporting capabilities.

The migration process for RM Integris has been honed over the years to make it as smooth as possible. The team has many years’ experience of helping schools switch MIS to RM Integris. What might seem like a daunting prospect becomes straightforward with their help.

To find out more about RM Integris, contact us to arrange a demo.

RM Integris
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