What is the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud refers to anything managed and hosted online as opposed to hosting on local servers and computers.

There are many different stages to utilising the cloud and it can be viewed as a journey, where each step helps to improve your school in one way or another. It’s important to ensure you have a digital strategy in place for your school, academy, or trust, to get the most out of the ever-improving technology that becomes available.

Our core solution RM Vantage will help you completely remove physical servers from within your school, whereas simply moving the software you use into the cloud can bring many benefits and cost savings - one key advantage being an increased ease of access to resources from any location. We understand some of the key users of technology in the school are the administative team, and also offer a completely cloud-based MIS, RM Integris, and school finance software.

So what does the Department for Education
mean by online education platforms?

The DfE is referring to a specific element of cloud software - a digital education platform - which could also be referred to as an online productivity suite.

Two major services you will hear about in the discussion are from Google (Workspace) and Microsoft (Office 365) - both of these platforms provide a solid foundation to providing online classrooms, supporting collaboration and other skills even when students are not physically in the same location. They also offer access to software such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs from any browser, on any device, as well as email and other communication tools. The platform that is best fitted for your school, academy or trust is likely to depend on your own preferences, as well as the current software that you use in your offline environment.

Feature comparison: Workspace for Education and Office 365 Education

RM is suitably placed to be your school's cloud implementation partner, with almost fifty years' experience of working with technology in education. We currently work with over 8,000 schools across the UK - providing a full range of products and services including IT support, connectivity and online safety, school finance and management information systems, client and network hardware,
and consultancy to help you create the right IT strategy for your school.

Choosing an implementation partner

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