Getting started
for RM Unify Super Administrators

If you are the RM Unify 'Super Administrator' for your establishment,
we recommend you watch this short video that explains how to get started
with administrating your online learning platform:


We recommend you log into Google using the credentials sent to you,
and familiarising yourself by navigating around the tools and applications available.

In order to help you we have created a short video of some of the major features of G Suite for Education:

Roll-out  webinar

You will be keen to start collaborating within your school community using tools such as Google Drive and Google Classroom.

Drive and Classroom will help you to share and collaborate with colleagues and facilitate workflow between teachers and students.

Our experts have produced an informative video G Suite for Education based on real scenarios and customer questions to help you as you start your remote learning journey. We recommend you share this video with colleagues who will be involved in your school’s planning and training. Our team is available to answer questions, please get in touch using the contact form below or call our Technical Support team.

Where can this take me?

Now that you are on this journey it is possible that you may find that there may be some additional services that would enhance what you are doing. We are pleased to advise that what has been designed for you is modular to make this as easy as possible: 

  • additional training on this new platform
  • help with migrating your data from a school-based server to one that is now in the cloud
  • help setting up or migrating emails
  • additional online security services, and/or
  • ongoing support and management.
Maximising the potential of your platform

Our colleagues are available to help discuss your requirements - please call us on 0800 700 300 or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Planning your training and rollout

There are many resources and tools available to support the development of your online learning platform. These resources will enable you to identify training needs and requirements, complete relevant communications regarding the online learning platform and create a rollout plan tailored to your school.

Take a look at our collection of resources specifically compiled by RM experts to support your remote learning needs and using G Suite for Education.

Google for Education advice

Welcome to the
online training session on G Suite for Education

The Department for Education has introduced a scheme to help schools set up online platforms to facilitate remote/distance learning through Google' G-Suite or Microsoft Teams for Education. RM is proud to be part of this initiative. We have prepared a suite of content including an online training session to help schools to use remote learning solutions to best serve the needs of pupils and teachers. You may register for an online training session as per your desired platform.

An Introduction to G Suite for Education
David Fitzpatrick
Senior Educational Consultant

25th February, 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM

This webinar has already taken place

Useful contacts

If you have any technical issues please
Visit our self-service Knowledge Library or contact us on 0845 404 0000 (Option 4).

We are also collating a range of resources specifically designed by RM experts
to support your remote learning needs - Google for Education help and advice

If you have further questions on the DfE remote learning platform programme, either telephone us on 08450 700 300
or complete this simple form, and one of our team will call you back to discuss.


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