This page belongs to a collection of content RM are collating to help support schools continue to operate remotely under the current COVID-19 restrictions.
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General Q&A

Q. How do I raise a support question to do with Coronavirus?

A. We have set up a dedicated team on 08450 700 300 (and select option 4).

Q. What do I need to have in place to deliver online lessons?

A. To deliver online lessons you will require:

  • Internet access
  • A relevant subscription with Office 365 or G Suite or another provider of online meeting tools
  • Ability to create online meetings via Google Hangouts (Meet), Team Meet or another online meeting tool
  • A mobile device with a microphone, and ideally a camera, e.g. laptop, MacBook, Chromebook, tablet 
    or a desktop computer with external microphone and camera

Q. What will my students need to have in place to view online lessons?

A. To participate in online lessons they will require:

  • Internet access either via fixed home broadband, or 3G/4G
    • If students only have internet access via their phone or wireless dongle/device then they will need to be aware of their data allowance, so that they do not run out or incur charges.
  • A space where they can participate in lessons without being disturbed
  • A device with speakers or headset, and ideally a camera or microphone
    • e.g. Smart Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Chromebook/MacBook

Q. Can I access my RM Integris MIS from home?

A. Yes. RM Integris is cloud-based and can be accessed securely via the Internet, using an ordinary web browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. This means you can access RM Integris from any computer with an Internet connection - in school, at home, or from anywhere else. However, it is important that you use a secure internet connection and you do not use RM Integris in a public area to ensure data security. Please see the RM Integris help pages for more information.

Q. Is there anything you can help with, to help us communicate with the parents of our pupils?

A. Yes. Our Management Information Service (MIS) includes a service – in association with the company Parent Hub – that integrates with RM Integris to help you do this seamlessly. Recognising the unprecedented times that we are in, Parent Hub will waive the fees for your first two SMS messages and all emails that you may send using it between the time of sign-up and the end of April. If this is relevant and of interest, please arrange an onboarding call.

Google Schools Q&A

For schools already fully immersed in the G Suite for Education platform their files and other data for staff and students are likely to already be within Google Shared Drive, Google Drive and Google Classroom. This is an ideal platform for remote working or teaching.

Q. What Google tools are available to me to help with online delivery of teaching and learning?

A. The school could utilise the following features within G Suite for Education to assist with remote working or teaching:

  • Email – Gmail
  • VLE – Google Sites
  • Shared files – Google Shared Drive
  • Personal data storage – Google Drive
  • Productivity tools – Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Classroom learning – Google Classroom
  • Class work or homework assignment – Google Classroom
  • Class work or homework submission – Google Classroom
  • Chat, voice or video calls – Google Hangouts
  • Large group video conference – Google Hangouts Meet

Q. How do I set up a virtual lesson in G Suite?

A. See our page on setting up a virtual classroom.

Q. How do I record my lessons so that students can review in their own time?

A. See our combined video on setting up Google Hangouts (Admin) and recording Hangouts (Teacher).

Q. Can I use Google to facilitate distance learning?

A. Yes you can. We are busy collating ideas and advice so keep checking our COVID-19 help pages for help and support.

Google Admin Help has a useful article on Setting up Meet for distance learning.

Q. Have Google supplied any further information about supporting schools in light of COVID-19?

A. Google have provided a number of resources to help schools at this time, and have temporarily unlocked all advanced Hangout Meet features to Google Education accounts for free. This Google blog provides resources for schools to support distance learning.

Q. As a teacher, how can I keep my lessons going remotely?

A. We are busy collating ideas and advice so keep checking our COVID-19 help pages for help and support.

A good place to start is this article from Google on distance learning.

Q. I use a whiteboard (interactive or otherwise) a lot in class. How can I replicate this online?

A. If you are teaching remotely, you may still want some type of interactive whiteboard to emulate how you teach in the classroom, for example, if you use a Smartboard or Promethean Board.

There are now many free online collaborative whiteboards available to you.
See this blog for a review of 11 of the best online collaborative whiteboards

One of our favourites is Miro. You can sign up for a free Educational Account with Miro which gives additional functionality and unlimited boards -

Microsoft Schools Q&A

For schools already fully immersed in the Microsoft Office 365 Education platform their files and other data for staff and students are likely to already be within SharePont Online, OneDrive and Teams. This is an ideal platform for remote working or teaching.

Q. What Microsoft tools are available to me to help with online delivery of teaching and learning?

A. The school could utilise the following features within Microsoft Office 365 to assist with remote working or teaching:

  • Email – Exchange Online
  • Shared files – Teams and/or SharePoint Online
  • Personal data storage – OneDrive
  • Productivity tools – Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Classroom learning – Teams
  • Class work or homework assignment – Teams
  • Class work or homework submission – Teams
  • Chat, voice or video calls – Teams
  • Large group video conference – Teams

Q. What’s all this I’ve heard about teaching through Microsoft Teams?

A. Microsoft have provided some good videos on how schools can quickly ramp up online learning. We recommend that teachers and admin staff at the school review these if not familiar with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft have a range of additional training videos and resources.

Q. As an IT Admin at my school, what should I be checking on?

A. You may need to review your Office 365 and Teams security (e.g. if you don’t want pupils to create Teams etc) - a quick fix is to block students from creating Office 365 groups (this is already the default if RM created your tenancy and you purchased the tenancy config option). You may wish to read:

Some additional security options you may wish to consider changing:

  • Stopping chat function for students
  • Turning off comments on the team
  • Removing the meet now option.

The above are configurable in the Microsoft Teams admin centre - under Messaging policies, and meetings > Meeting policies

Q. Pupils or others within a Teams meeting can mute the teacher – how do I stop this?

A. You need to edit the settings of the meeting once it has been created (unfortunately there is currently no way to do this at the time that the meeting is created).
Edit the roles assigned to the meeting attendees to stop this from happening.

Q. I’m using Office 365 and new to Teams – what do I do?

A. If your school does not have Teams running for teaching groups then you will need to create some Teams 'classrooms' and then add the users. We recommend a naming convention based on 'Academic Year_Group_Subject_Year' e.g. "T7_G1_Science_2019”.

This can be a big task if performing for the whole school – so perhaps train-up a number of the teaching staff to then assist.

Q. Can I create videos of lessons to share with my students?

A. Yes, using Microsoft Teams.

  • Yes, in Teams go to the Calendar section and then the Meet Now button will let you start a meeting just with yourself
  • You can then share your desktop / PowerPoint slides and click on the Start Recording option
  • Once you have delivered the lesson, stop the recording and it will provide a link to the finished video via Microsoft Stream
  • You will then need to share this video via Stream to the students (and perhaps add a link to the Teams collaborative area for your subject – e.g. History)

Q. Can I import existing OneNote notebooks into my Teams' Class Notebook?

A. Yes - you can set up a Class Notebook in Teams using existing content.

There are restrictions on what will import. Just the Collaboration & Content Library sections will import.

Q. Can my Office 365 users use Teams at home?

A. Yes, they can install on any device and then logon with their Office 365 login.

Q. Can we setup self-service password resets in Office 365?

A. Yes, by following the instructions in this Microsoft article. Or this tech article if you have Office 365 federated to RM Unify.

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