Pre-requisites for new RM Unify customers

These steps must be completed by your RM Unify Administrator
  1. Firstly, you must federate your Office 365 tenancy with RM Unify.
    See our Installation and setup guide for the full federation setup process.
  2. Secondly, you need to make sure that RM Unify has MIS sync enabled (either create or link mode). This means that RM Unify is able to receive data from your MIS on your teaching, registration and year groups. You can find out more information about how to do this, and which MIS are supported in this technical article.
  3. Thirdly, you need to enable Group Sync from your RM Unify Management Console.
    Once configured, this will create the Office 365 Groups which you can then use to create Teams, see steps below.


Setting up Teams

Automatic Groups

When MIS and Group Sync are enabled by your administrator, RM Unify will automatically create Office 365 Groups in Office 365 for Education based on teaching, registration and year groups taken from the MIS (not including security or distribution groups).

e.g. J. Bloggs a Year 6 pupil in registration class 6A would be added to would be added to 6A[1234567][2019] and 6[1234567][2019] within Office 365,
in line with RM Unify's Group Sync naming policy.

Adding Groups manually

To set up a new teaching, registration or year group Team within Microsoft Teams

  1. Open Microsoft Teams as a Teacher or Office 365 Administrator.
  2. Under the “Teams” tab click on “Join or create a Team”
  3. Then click “Create Team”
  4. Select the type of Team you want to set up
  5. Add a name and description for your Team
  6. Start typing your teaching, registration or year group name and the Group will appear. Click the relevant group and click “Add”.
  7. All done – you’re good to go. Your new class will appear on the “Teams” tab.


Q. What if my students or teachers change class part way through the year?
A. At the moment, RM Unify cannot dynamically update your Teams based on your MIS data. You will have to make any changes to Teams membership manually.

Q. What do I need to do at the start/end of a school year?
A. For more information regarding academic year rollover, read the information in this Technical Article

Q. How do I make sure Teams has the right settings to keep my students safe while they’re using it?
A. We know schools might want to tweak the settings for Teams for Education to make sure their students are safe online. Microsoft have provided some guidance here on a set of common but non-default configuration settings for Teams in schools. Find out more in the Microsoft Help Documentation.

Q: Why isn't my group appearing when i search in Teams (step 6)?
A: Sometimes the search feature will only find matches from the 6th character of a group name.
For example if you search 'AAA-St' then it will show any groups beginning with those characters.

Q: Why can’t I find my Office 365 Group when I am trying to add them to the newly created class in Teams?
A: You will have to search for the Office 365 Group based on the naming convention used by RM Unify.
For example, searching “7” will not bring up the Year 7 equivalent Office 365 Group. You would you need to type “7 [1234…” before the year 7 Group with name “7 [1234567][2019]” would show up in the list.

Q: Does RM offer a chargeable service for the setup of Microsoft Teams?
A: Yes, For further information, please speak to your RM account manager or call one of our sales representatives
on 08450 700 300.

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