Microsoft FAQs

Q: Is it possible to integrate with SIMS so that classes can be imported?

This would be a question for your SIMs provider, however it should be possible to export from your MIS and import into Office 365 groups.

Q: How easy is it to copy across a full network drive of about 35GB? Any tips?

Unfortunately it is not that easy.

There is a 10file limit when dragging and dropping into Teams and although that increases if you open the file store in Sharepoint, there is still a risk that not all the data will migrate and you may not be able to easily see what is missing.

We recommend rationalising the data on your server, replicating the Teams folder structure then using a migration tool to move it. We can help with that – contact us today

Q: What is the easiest way to manage users in Teams/O365?

We recommend having an owner/owners to control access, for example phase leaders

Q: My school is looking to move to a full Cloud network. We will still need a server for SIMS but want to move the remaining data to Cloud. How do we do this?

We recommend getting your Teams set up first.

Tidy up your server and replicate the current file structure. Move your staff to the file structure and archive everything else, or make read-only. Once your staff are comfortable with the structure, use a cloud migration tool to move each folder across overnight.

Q: When pupils save their work is it automatically saved on the server?

Yes, when opening Office 365 documents in a browser (or within Teams) it saves as they go.

We would not recommend backing up locally to your school – with Microsoft you have more space and their secure infrastructure for protection. Also, if you delete something on Office 365, you have a retention period of 90 days (so you can restore a file within that time).

Q: Can you upload work from IPads? Some of our children have had issues.

If one-to-one devices are being used, students can upload their work via the Teams app. However, if devices are being shared this is not as easy.The Safari browser can be used but students will need to log out at the end of a class to allow the next student using that device to log in.

Q: When using Teams, is it possible to monitor/record voice and video meetings/calls, in the same way we can monitor the text chat feature? For safeguarding reasons?

Unfortunately this sort of monitoring is not available for meetings or calls. It is possible howeverfor the host or attendees to record meetings.

Q: What is your longer term strategy for RM Unify?

Pre Covid-19 we were working up a long term strategy for RM Unify to leverage Microsoft and Google authentication technology whilst retaining the Launch Pad and other components to give a product that is future proofed and a great glue for our own and others’ products.

Whilst this strategy is still something we feel passionate about, the Covid-19 outbreak has meant that RM Unify is being heavily relied upon by LAs, MATs and Schools. We are therefore focussing our effort on ensuring the platform has the capacity, stability and usability to cope with the huge increase in usage we have seen.

Q: During a video/audio Teams meeting, can you bring up a Word document on all meeting attendees screens? I can only do this with a PowerPoint file or screen sharing.

In Teams, during the meeting, you can click on the "share" icon and then select a desktop, PowerPoint, Word document etc. and the participants will then see that item. The browser version of Teams however has a couple of sharing limitations.

If you use the full version of Teams, which you can download for free via, you do get the option to share a single application, such as Word, to avoid you sharing your whole screen. Note - if you are presenting your whole screen, we recommend you turn on 'quiet hours' in your notification area (bottom right) to avoid pop ups and reminders interfering.

Q: How does Teams function from a mobile device?

We would recommend using the Teams app on your mobile device for the best experience. On Chromebooks it is similar to the browser experience.

Q: We are a MAT - some schools have started on the Cloud journey already and some haven't. Some are Google, some Microsoft and some are not currently using a Cloud platform. Can we use this initiative to pull it all together into 1 tenant trust-wide?

We would recommend that you stick to a single ecosystem if rolling out MAT-wide (and RM can assist with both Microsoft and Google). Perhaps look to the school that has embraced this the most and has the best usage and use that as a launchpad. A single tenancy would give you an easier management solution.

Q: Our RM Unify syncs with the local Active Directory - how would a password reset using RM Unify work at the local AD level?

RM Unify has "AD Sync" or "Network Provisioning" to assist with syncing your passwords back to RM Unify from the local AD and then onwards to O365 (or G-Suite). We would recommend the latter as it has additional functionality.

Q: We want to upload a video to a Channel, but we’re unable put it in the locked class materials area. Is it equally secure in files so the students can't play around with it?

In Stream you can set edit/view permissions on the video. You can then hyperlink it to a channel so only those members will see it.

Q: We currently use SharePoint for staff room documents, etc. Would you suggest we move all this to Teams? Can we move existingSharePoint documents easily?

We would suggest adding the SharePoint libraries to your Teams once created. Click on the + (add tab) symbol in the Team and then select the "Document Library" option and follow the instructions.

Q: If a password is changed in RM Unify does it break the network sync from AD to RMUnify?

If an establishment is using AD Sync, passwords should be changed in AD and then synced to RMUnify (it is one way). If an admin changes another user's password in RMUnify a warning will appear on the page advising that the AD password will be out of sync. If an establishment is using Network Provisioning then password sync is two-way.

Q: Is there a way to announce assignments? This happens automatically when the assignment is set for all students but not when it is targeted to a subset of students.

When in the Teams "chat" area (in any given channel) you can use the @TeamName option to then generate an alert to all members of that Team / channel. The Activity icon (alarm bell symbol) at the top-left of the Teams app will register this.

Q: We are currently have both Teams and Google Classroom deployed. Would you suggest to go down a single route or embrace both?

For single schools, using the "best of both" is often a consideration and we have customers using Google and Microsoft together. There are always management trade-offs to this of course and some complexity issues (sharing across the two ecosystems is not easy) - so these limitations may lead you to just choose one single approach.

Q: With the restrictions on SDS tools at present, is there any way for us to enable the Weekly Assignments Digest to give parents an overview of what is being asked of their children in the current climate?

SDS restriction is only really for the auto-generation of Teams from the O365 groups, so this should not be affected. See the following article for more information:

Q: In Teams is there a way to delete comments from children posted in chats?

Your tenancy admin can enable the ‘delete’ feature within the Teams policies – see the following article for more information:

There is an option to stop children from using the chat facility if needed.

Q: Does Teams have an effective level of version control?

As your documents in Teams are in a SharePoint library, the O365 versioning is default here - see the following article for more information:

Q: Are there any obstacles to consider for use in a SEN school?

There are a number of features in Teams to assist a SEN school, for example closed-captions for meetings and recordings, immersive reader tools, etc. See the following article for more information:

Q: We are using Teams for remote learning. Many students from disadvantaged families are struggling to cope with remembering log in passwords. Are there any quick password reset options without going via IT support desk?

Password reset is built into RM Unify.If you are using O365 without RM Unify, you can look to enable "self-service password resets" - see the following article for more information:

Q: As Live Meeting does not work on A1, do we just upgrade one license to A3 (the broadcasting user)?

Just the presenter will need the A3 or equivalent licence - see the following article for more information:

Q: Where can the Powershell scripts be found? Are these chargeable or included in core packages?

At present the scripts are being written to automate the new schools coming through the DfE initiative, but if you would like a service from RM offering this type of functionality (Teams security, Teams creation) then please speak to your account manager or contact us today

Q: Can you set permissions on documents shared within Teams? We are setting up a group for interviews and want to share some confidential application packs to interviewers. We don't want each interviewee to see the other packs.

Yes, in this scenario create a Private Team and then add multiple channels. Each channel will then have a separate list of members and only those members will be able to see the files you add to the "Files" tab within the channel.

Q: Many children may not be able to access a 'live lesson' due to lack of tech in the home. How can we register who has attended a session, whether it be live or viewed later as a recording? A big worry for us in inclusion - we want to know if a child has not attended for days/weeks.

Exporting an attendee list is a new feature soon to be live in Teams. You can also ask your tenancy admin to run a number of Teams reports to monitor use - see the following article for more information: