What should you
expect from your
school's broadband provider?

Jane East

Business Development Manager, RM Broadband
RM Education

Cloud technologies bring a wealth of benefits to schools, but they depend on a solid infrastructure and the right broadband solution with the right safeguarding and security systems in place. We’ve seen many of our schools investing in faster broadband connections to allow the use of the new and innovative technologies.

However with reduced budgets and tighter restrictions on spend, investment in infrastructure that could potentially be out of date within 3 years might be a difficult pill to swallow, but the use and application of the Internet isn’t going away.

We’ve therefore identified five considerations that will help you when thinking about your connectivity choices and will hopefully help you get the most from your connections.

  1. What are your school’s immediate needs?
  2. Does your school have a line with enough capacity for all your users to log on at the same time?
  3. Does your school have a back-up line if the first line goes down?
  4. Does your current contract tie your school into using one particular provider or service for more than three years?
  5. Does your broadband service have built in safeguarding and security solutions that tie in with your school’s policies and protocols?

Watch the video to hear Jane take each of these considerations in more detail.

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