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RM broadband

Roundwood Park School in Harpeden is an outstanding secondary academy that strives to deliver an innovative teaching and learning environment to pupils.

The school decided to replace their county internet provision with RM Broadband as they preferred the security and SSL options that were on offer.

Before moving to RM Broadband, Roundwood Park School were finding that their broadband was maxing out at 100Mbps. They decided to upgrade to a 500Mbps connection giving them increased speed and a more stable service with no major issues.

Roundwood Park make use of a large amount of web based resources including Google, Office 365 and online textbooks, so having a reliable broadband connection in place is vital. Broadband is now key to the everyday running of the school.

Both Dean and John have found the migration to RM Broadband to be a very smooth transition thanks to their dedicated project co-ordinator who liaised with the Telco and tackled any potential issues with the installation.

As well as this, they have found the support to be fantastic, with any of their Firewall issues resolved within the space of 24 hours.

Along with their broadband connection, Roundwood Park also receive the web filtering service RM SafetyNet. Their previous filtering was fairly basic and so they have found RM SafetyNet to provide improved functions, user filtering, as well as helping them to meet necessary guidelines provided by KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education).

Both Dean and John agree that they would recommend RM Broadband to other schools and have been especially impressed by the Core Network and 2 data centres provided by RM meaning that there is a backup connection in place in instances of a failover.

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