Cloud Journeys:
Storage Wars - saving time, saving money and reducing risks

Ian Hart

Senior Product Manager
RM Education

Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud the need for the safe and secure back up of your network is becoming more and more prevalent. With increased threat from cyber-attacks and the increased pressure on budgets moving your back up services to the cloud has become a popular choice for many schools.

Join our cloud back up expert Ian Hart as he discusses why you should move your back up to the cloud.

In this webinar he discusses the benefits of cloud back up including increased security, removing additional costs, saving time and quick but secure access to your data. He’ll then show you the specific benefits of moving to RM Cloud back up services and the cost associated with it.

Whether you’re ready to move your back up to the cloud today or you’re thinking about it as part your IT strategy for the future this webinar will give you a great basis for your decision making process.

If you want to discuss further please email Ian at or call us on 0800 046 9798

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