Case study:
Denefield School

Denefield School is a secondary academy in West Berkshire that strives to deliver a high quality learning experience to pupils. We spoke to Head Teacher, Lucy Hilliard and IT & Data Manager, Paul Hamilton about their experiences moving to RM Flex.

Before moving to RM Flex, Denefield School had many different IT challenges within their school, the largest one being the stability of their network. Their IT was difficult to manage and was in need of constant firefighting. They found that these challenges were preventing teachers from doing their jobs and enabling children to come in to the classroom and learn effectively.

Moving to IT Support from RM has allowed Denefield School to move away from firefighting everyday problems and think far more long term about the needs of the school and where they might be going in the future. Talking regularly to the account team and the professional engineers, they receive both technical expertise as well as advice on the long term IT strategy for the school.

Denefield School have found RM’s approach to IT support to be far more flexible than a number of other providers and have found the offer of both on-site engineer support and remote support to be particularly valuable, meaning that any problems are identified and resolved quickly.

Both Paul and Lucy have found IT support from RM to be good value for money, by reducing the amount of on-site support needed and by giving peace of mind that their IT will work as expected. Lucy told us:

“In comparison to our previous provider, I can say that the value for money for me as a Head Teacher, is being able to look around the school and see things running smoothly, time isn’t wasted in classrooms any longer and where there has been the occasional problem this has been fixed really rapidly, so that we maximise learning and teaching time.”

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