Identity and Access Management: Why should I care?

Mark House

Senior Product Manager
RM Education

Hello! I’m Mark House, long time teacher and now senior product manager for RM Unify at RM Education. RM Unify is a powerful identity and access management tool. An identity and access management tool provides the right people with the right access at the right time.

In your school now you probably have a Management Information System containing pupil, parent, class, and assessment data. You probably also have an Active Directory containing more pupil and staff data. Every time a pupil or a member of staff arrives or leaves you have multiple places to update this information, change access rights and ensure that everyone’s data is where it needs to be and being stored in a compliant way. An identity and access management tool makes this all so much easier.

  • What is an IAM?
  • What are the benefits of an IAM?
  • What’s the key functionality of an IAM?
  • What’s the best way to deploy an IAM?
  • How does an IAM evolve?
  • Why is RM Unify the best IAM for education?

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