Progression of Cloud Technology

Ian Hart

Senior Product Manager
RM Education

Ian has been a network solutions product manager for over 2 years, having joined RM 5 years prior. His passion for helping others to understand technology in an uncomplicated and easy to consume way is driven by his own experience of having to navigate the world of new technologies. Focused on delivering solutions that have a real positive impact to those that use them Ian spends his time separating the fads from the game changers, particularly prevalent when it comes to cloud technologies.

His recent blog series on the progression of technology uses random analogies and parallels to convince you that the progression of technology is much like a river. There are rapids to navigate, waterfalls to avoid, and beautiful scenic routes to enjoy. However, for all of us rivers are critical to delivering energy, efficiency, transport and so much else to the communities that use them. Technology is just the same - read the blog series to understand how.

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