Security & Compliance: The Insider Threat

Steve Forbes

Senior Product Manager
RM Education

In this webinar recording, Steve Forbes, Senior Product Manager, talks us through the Insider Threat to schools and the range of solutions available to support you in mitigating these threats

What is the insider threat?

  • Accidental data breach
  • Accidental credential breach and Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Business E-mail compromise
  • Malicious intent
  • Lack of training…

Steve closes this webinar by looking at the key things that schools, and all organisations for that matter, need to be doing to tackle security in 2018. From real-time scanning to endpoint security, training to timely patching of the network – these are the best practices for sustained protection for end users.

Watch the webinar above today to find out more about the insider threat to schools and what you can be doing to mitigate these risks,

If you’d like to find out more about Trend Micro, RM’s chosen security partner, you can also watch this further webinar. We’re really excited about our partnership with Trend micro and know that the security our customers will get from these product will be second to none.

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