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Mark Mansfield

Senior Hardware Buyer
RM Education

We understand that the classroom can be one of the most challenging environments for a computer to be in. Using our experience with technology in education we put potential devices through their paces with a range of tests and benchmarks to ensure the range we recommend to schools will be able to stand up to the demands of the modern classroom.

With school budgets getting smaller, it’s more important now than ever that devices you purchase for schools are long term investments. The tests we use to ensure this are detailed below:

Design & Build Quality
  • We look at the physical robustness of the device, checking if any parts can be easily detached or broken.
  • We ensure the system is built to a good design, with good cable routing, air flows, no sharp edges and that all components are fitted properly
  • Finally we check that peripherals fit and function correctly and are well designed and rugged.
  • Where appropriate we aim to achieve a boot to desktop time of 30 seconds or less by standardising on Solid State Drives and a clean Windows image where possible.
  • We also run wired and wireless network throughput tests alongside industry standard benchmarking software to ensure devices reach the level of performance we expect of our range.
  • Where appropriate we test that devices can PXE Boot, mute audio, run Wake on LAN and have BIOS Protection
  • We also CC4 driver packs for our recommended Windows devices allowing you to build onto your network first time.

If you’d like to view the range then please click here, if you’re after more information on the tests we run then please email hardware@rm.com

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