Chromebook 11 EE

Dan Young

Hardware Marketing Manager

RM Education

If you’re unsure whether Going Google is right for you then it’s worth visiting to find out more information and get in touch with our experts. If you’ve decided that Google is right for you then it can be daunting trying to ensure the Chromebooks available deliver long term value for your school. Our testing process has led us to select the HP Chromebook 11 EE as the best student Chromebook for schools.

The build quality of the ruggedised edge makes it stand out in the market and ensures the device is protected against the day to day bumps and scrapes that can happen in school. The Chromebook 11 EE is small and light enough to carry to each class and a battery life that lasts almost 2 school days*.

The option of a touch screen becomes even more beneficial when utilising the Android App compatibility to unlock thousands of apps to aid teaching and learning.

If you’d like to book demo, please fill out the form above. For more information, specifications, other recommended Chromebooks or to buy now, please visit the RM Store.

* HP Chromebook 11 G5 EE quoted battery life is 11 hours 30 minutes as per

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