Help and advice for ICT4C schools

James Browning

Head of Infrastructure and Connectivity
RM Education

We have prepared the following article to provide you and your school with help and advice to consider over the coming days and weeks. It is crucial that you take your time to carefully consider alternative options and solutions available to you from partners such as ourselves. We’ve included a short list of key questions to ask before making any major decisions, along with details of how you can gain free access to our remote IT support service for 30 days to help ease the decision-making process.

We’ve partnered with ICT4C over the years to deliver support to our RM Integris customers so we understand the impact that this will be having on schools in the affected areas. The services that schools could see affected are broadband, remote and on-site technical support, and RM Integris Support. We are aware that there may be other affected services as each local authority involved will be dealing with the loss of these services differently. We’ve been working with educational establishments for over 40 years so know and understand the extent that these services are used within the school and the impact that they have on teaching and learning.

There are a lot of ICT providers trying to pressure schools into making a quick decision at this difficult and uncertain time. Our partnership with UK schools highlights the absolute importance in finding the right technical solution for schools and the need for time and space to make long-term decisions for critical IT services. Our recommendation to schools currently facing this decision is that you take the time to find the right provider to partner with.

Questions to ask before making a decision:
  1. What are your school's immediate needs? Does the solution fit this and will it continue to work for you in the future?
  2. How does it fit with your budget? Does it offer you value for money?
  3. How long is the contract that you’re agreeing to?
  4. Is the provider that you’re going to partner with financially secure?
  5. What is level of risk involved with your alternative solutions? For example, will you have to use multiple providers to cover your broadband service, technical and MIS support?
  6. How quickly can the provider install the services to minimise downtime? Can they evidence a proven and recent track record of onboarding hundreds of new schools to their service in a short timeframe?

While we are definitely not one of the ICT providers who’s going to be hounding you into making a decision we do think that it’s important that you know that we are here. We support schools all over the country, whether that’s simply with advice or provision of services.

We offer a range of products and solutions that include all of the affected services - broadband, remote and on-site technical support, and RM Integris support.

Our reputation has been built on the way we work with UK schools to find the right technology solutions to suit their specific needs. This is why we will not pressure you into making quick decisions that you may not have had the full time and support to make. We work with thousands of schools across the UK and in your locality in providing high-quality broadband and support at the best value and we would of course welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can extend these services to your school.

We have put together a range of offers designed to help you through this transition period:
  • 30 days free remote support - Unlimited access to RM's helpdesk and our knowledge library with no ongoing commitment.
  • Free Internet service until the end of your contract before joining RM Broadband in April 2018.
  • Free user-filtering with RM Broadband.
  • Access to our IT experts either by telephone, school visit or one of our upcoming local events.

We’d love to talk to you more - chat to us live or email us at

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