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Based on the latest Microsoft remote access technology CC4 Access is a remote access solution for CC4 networks which gives access to your CC4 desktop, applications and all your files exactly as you would in school.

CC4 Access was designed with education in mind and allows teachers to access vital resources anywhere, at any time, from any device.  Rather than having to remain restricted within school to access all of the vital teaching resources, they'll be able to access their files, folders and applications from anywhere with an internet connection – it even works on a 3G connection!​ Teachers can engage with Management Information Systems, or run programmes such as Microsoft Office, irrespective of device or location.

How it Works

From a laptop or desktop, simply navigate to a webpage and log-in, or using a mobile device you can access your CC4 desktop once you have downloaded the relevant application. CC4 Access is currently available for up to 100 concurrent users.

We've developed massively in one year and couldn't have implemented a solution like this without RM Education

Alan Morris - Systems Development Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Why it works for you

Work where you want, when you want

With CC4 Access you dont need to be in school to access the critical resources that you need. With any device and an internet connection you'll be able to access aplications and files as if you were in school.

Value for money

With a low upfront and ongoing cost you'll get all the benefit of a remote access solution without the price tag.

Make the most of your investment

Assign applications from the RM Management console, keep your network secure with security policies that have already been developed in CC4 to make the most of existing technology in school.


Robust group policies help to provide the same level of security you have in school for those accessing externally. You’ll be able to track who has been logged on and at what time.

Ease of management

No need to manage a completely seperate system - by using existing tools you'll be able to deploy the applications your users need directly to the CC4 Access server (exactly like you would when deploying software to your local stations).

Simple and reliable

CC4 Access is easy for IT departments to set up so that teachers can access a classroom desktop from their tablet, from other school locations or from home, allowing for maximum convenience and productivity in your school.

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