Teachers and students
can work anywhere,
using their own devices

With the increasing use of IT in the classroom, the need for schools to offer remote access has grown. Pupils and staff often want to continue work at home that they started at school, or may even want to use school applications such as your Management Information System. The challenge for schools is how they make all of this available, easy and secure. 

With CC4 Anywhere, teachers and students can work anywhere, anytime using their own devices. Software is installed and runs on the CC4 Anywhere server, allowing users to access the software they need without needing to have it installed on their own device.

How it Works

Powered by Citrix XenApp 7.6, CC4 Anywhere is a private cloud solution that provides secure access to Community Connect 4 networks from anywhere with Internet access, from a huge range of devices.

User can access their CC4 desktop from home either via a web browser or a Citrix receiver app(available from relevant app store)

Why it works for you

Support anytime, anywhere learning

Teachers and learners can get to their CC4 desktop, applications and all their files from their own devices, whether they’re at home, on the bus or the train, or in another country. Lessons can happen anywhere outside, such as on a school field trip, using a mobile device hooked up to the school network via a 3G or wireless connection. Learning is no longer confined within the school gates.

Cost effective

Applications hosted within CC4 Anywhere are available to users outside of the school network without the need for users to licence software independently.

Manage your network on the go

You can manage your network on the move  and ensure that its kept running smoothly at all times. Log in from a portable device like a smartphone  or log in and work from home on your own machine - whether its an iMac an iPad or laptop.


Using CC4 Anywhere makes it easier to maintain data security policies as documents no longer need be stored on USB drives in order to take home and work on. This means that the data cannot be lost i.e. no USB drive to lose and Malware/ Viruses on PCs outside the network are less likely to be brought on site via a USB key. A CC4 Anywhere solution includes a Citrix Access Gateway hardware appliance, which uses SSL encryption to secure remote connections, keeping users’ data safe.

Enhanced performance

Citrix’s Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) connection provides a better user experience over equivalent bandwidths than competing solutions. HDX compression technology provides a better multimedia experience and comprehensive load balancing optimises performance. All of this means a wider range of applications can be used on CC4 Anywhere than on competing solutions.

Improve your IT sustainability

CC4 Anywhere enables you to make use of thin client devices, which have longer lifespans and consume less power than PCs and laptops. You can also re-use legacy hardware that no longer performs adequately as a rich client, as the processing is done on the server; both of which reduce the amount you waste and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Clientless HTML 5 Receiver offers a clientless access solution, making it easy to access virtual apps and desktops from any device include devices that are unable to install a physical client.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

CC4 Anywhere really benefits my daughter as it is seamless working from home.

Sue Gutierrez - Parent, The Abbey School
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