HP Security

Protect the device

Security monitoring and management solutions help reduce risk, improve compliance, and protect your network from end to end.

  • HP Sure Start validates the integrity of the BIOS code
  • Whitelisting ensures only authentic code is loaded into memory
  • Run-time intrusion detection uncovers anomalies during complex operations
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager automatically assesses and remediates security settings

Protect the data

Built-in data encryption at rest and in transit, firewall protection, and native user authentication protect vulnerable endpoints from harmful hackers and malware.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication helps prevent unauthorised access
  • Encryption through the driver makes intercepted data unreadable
  • Consistent monitoring checks for attacks and initiates self-healing
  • HP Access Control helps manage mobile printing by leveraging existing email infrastructure

Protect the document

Smart hardware and software solutions such as PIN or pull printing and counterfeit deterrent solutions prevent copying or modification to your document.

  • Workplace Privacy maintains print security defences
  • Compliance secures document workflows
  • Anti-Counterfeit prevents tampering or forgery
  • HP JetAdvantage Pull-Printing Solutions eliminate unclaimed prints, thereby reducing cost and waste