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We understand the pressure of managing your IT system – the external threats it faces, as well as risks posed by BYOD. Then there are the patches, passwords, backups and upgrades that are vital to day-to-day security.

Our secure online survey can help you understand possible weaknesses and identify the steps to address them. It gives instant tips and knowledge based on your responses, plus you’ll receive a free personalised action plan to help you prioritise your approach to securing your school’s digital environment.

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Have you got a firewall in place to protect your network?

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Do you regularly check what ports are open on your firewalls and that internet-facing services are properly secured?

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Do you have separate administrative accounts from your standard accounts so that they aren’t used for every day tasks such as reading emails or browsing the internet?

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Do you have additional security on your administrative accounts or those with access to sensitive documents such as Multi-Factor authentication and audit logs?

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Do you restrict what software can be installed and which settings can be changed by your users?

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Do you have next generation anti-virus and anti-malware software installed on all devices that connect to your network?

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Do you protect your email and cloud storage accounts against malware and phishing attacks?

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Do you regularly role out patches and updates to your servers and devices whilst maintaining a disaster resistant backup?

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Do you have any servers or devices that are running Operating Systems such as Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP?

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