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RM SafetyNet filtering solution’s price change starting 1st September 2017.


We’ve introduced this price change due to the ever changing world of digital safeguarding. So much more is being expected from educational establishments when it comes to protecting your school community online – with the introduction and revision of DfE initiatives such as Keeping Children Safe in Education, Prevent Duty, and updates to Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework – all of which include guidelines and requirements specifically for web filtering.

This price change reflects the continued investment needed to develop and evolve RM SafetyNet in order to ensure you continue to meet the latest expectations and guidance. We are committed to further development of RM SafetyNet so you will also receive any updates to the product as they are released.

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Filtering for bring your own device (BYOD) without the need to configure a proxy

Transparent Filtering

Transparent filtering is web filtering without the use of a proxy server, which means that you have the ability to filter any devices that use your school Internet connection, without having to configure them.

Whether it's a school laptop or a staff device, transparent user filtering allows you to manage an ever increasing range of devices, avoiding the overhead of managing proxy configurations.

Using the standard proxy filtering addresses in conjunction with transparent user-based filtering provides a safer browsing environment.


Custom filtering policies for specific groups and users

User-based Filtering

Differentiated filtering is an important part of evidencing how your school prioritises online safety. User-based filtering will enable administrators to apply customised filter rules to individuals, classes, groups, and clubs. You can also choose to allocate specific times at which websites can be accessed.

RM SafetyNet will synchronise with a school’s Active Directory making all school user identifications available via the administration interface.


A reporting suite that provides an array of graphical reporting by group, individual, or IP address

Rich Reports

Rich reports gives you the ability to identify which users have been attempting to access inappropriate content online and helps you to meet the statutory requirements for appropriate filtering as set out in the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) guidance.


Hierarchical management for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

Tiered Management

RM SafetyNet has drawn from past experience with Local Authorities to provide a hierarchical approach when it comes to administration and reporting. This allows MATs to implement appropriate filtering polices that ensure their Academy students are learning in a safe online environment.


Extended user-based filtering functionality for schools using BYOD

Coming soon

Transparent User-based Filtering

This feature combines the newly introduced Transparent Filtering and User-based Filtering features, allowing schools using BYOD to provide a safer Internet experience by applying school filtering policies to all devices. Transparent user-based filtering will not require the use of proxy addresses, device configuration, or password resets.


Automated alerts that notify of attempted access to harmful content

Coming soon

Alert Centre

The majority of blocked content does not require notification should students attempt to access them, but there is a subset of sites which are not only inappropriate but are also illegal or need intervention. Alerting provides proactive notifications of this content so steps may be taken to ensure your school community is safe.


Safeguarding events delivered by leading experts and partners

Coming soon

Free CPD

As an RM SafetyNet customer you have access to two free of charge CPD sessions providing guidance on the latest trends and best practices in safeguarding.

These sessions are delivered by industry leaders such as the UK Safer Internet Centre and NSPCC and are a great opportunity to learn about new guidance, listen to expert advice on dealing with safeguarding incidents, and speak to likeminded individuals about their experiences.


Benefit from a roadmap of feature upgrades

Coming soon

Future Features

We’re continuing to invest in the development of RM SafetyNet including the following exciting features:

- Applying filtering policies based on year of entry
- Easily enable/disable access to popular cloud services and applications in a few clicks
- Support for importing users from Google’s G Suite for Education, allowing filtering policies to be applied based on Google users
- Apply network based filtering policies based on IP addresses
- Wider SSL filtering to provide visibility and the ability to filter services that use HTTPS

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