A complete school network management toolset designed specifically for education

Community Connect 4

Community Connect 4 (CC4) is a complete school network management toolset, designed specifically for education, to support the teaching and learning in your school.

CC4 helps you to manage your Windows network to meet the demands that your school places upon it. The array of management tools within CC4 ensures that all your assets are effectively managed to securely deliver your learning environment.

Building your own network may sound cheaper, but it takes considerable time and expertise to customise standard network tools to provide a secure learning environment for your students and school. With CC4, we've already spent over 200 years worth of development days doing that work for you.

With the freedom that CC4 provides, staff are freed-up to focus on what they do best whether that is teaching, managing or developing the ICT network.

CC4 allows you to:
  • Simplify network management and administration
  • Improve network security and control
  • Simplify and enhance ICT in the classroom
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom

Whether you're a small rural primary school or a large, multi-campus college, there's a Community Connect solution to meet your requirements.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

It enables our users, both staff and students,
to have a seamless experience
wherever they log in.

M Williams - Network Manager, SHSB Academy

Why it works for you

A network to support teaching and learning
CC4 allows staff and students to have secure access to the resources they need whether it’s in the classroom, around the school, on the field or from home.

Take control
At the heart of CC4 is the RM Management Console that allows ICT staff to manage your network users, computers and applications from a single point. This enables you to access network information and manage network resources quickly, easily and effectively.

Fewer interruptions
Empower teaching staff to minimise disruption and maximise learning opportunities with delegated management rights so they can quickly reset passwords, retrieve lost files and allocate printer credits.

A secure learning environment
It’s simple to introduce, implement and edit Acceptable Use Policies which can be enforced whenever a user logs on. You can also tailor which ICT resources are made available to staff and students.

Free up your ICT team
CC4 takes care of the repetitive and complex tasks so that technical expertise can be better used elsewhere; whether that is helping teachers or students or working with the management team on more strategic developments. 

The CC4 RM management console can be accessed from outside school so if you share a technician they can access your network to help when they are not at school.

Monitor and manage
With CC4's hardware asset management and software management tools, you can effectively identify areas of the network that need support and make better informed decisions about your future ICT investments.

Automatic updates
Automatically download and install RM and Microsoft updates to ensure a safe and secure network. Trickle-feed functionality allows updates to run in the background when network usage is low. It ensures that different mobile devices can be kept updated and protected as users move on and off the network. The update will simply sit and wait until the user reconnects to the network before continuing with the update. This minimises disruptions to the network, the user and the learning experience.

Sustainable ICT
While CC4 has been developed to support the latest Windows operating systems; it is also designed to continue to support your legacy equipment. So you can prolong the life of older machines by using lower specification or refurbished PCs in areas where demand is not so high.  

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

CC4 has made my job easier
and has given me far more control.

Paul Buckley - ICT Technician, Heathside School

How to buy

CC4 can either be bought as a perpetual licence or annual subscription.

Perpetual licence
Under the perpetual scheme you buy licences for the servers and Windows computers on your network.  A perpetual licence is ideal for schools wanting to make a major capital investment in one go. You then only have to worry about topping up additional licences thereafter. However, you may have to pay for an upgrade licence if you choose to upgrade to the latest operating system.

Annual subscription 
Subscription provides a simple, cost-effective way to use CC4 where the price is based on the number of staff you have and paid for annually. The annual payment lets you use CC4 on as many computers as you like, meaning that you don't need to worry when your network expands and it reduces the up-front expenditure.

Subscription pricing can be particularly useful when budgeting for your school’s ICT spend.  There’s no need to guess the amount of money to set aside for licensing a new network, the payments will remain the same year on year.

Subscription customers automatically get new versions for free, so that you can move to the latest Windows operating systems as they are released. It entitles you to any upgrades and updates made available during your subscription and offers discounts on add-on packages.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

There is amazing support from
a highly dedicated and skilled support team.

Zak Wilcoxen - Senior ICT Technician, Teddington School

Additional options

CC4 Access

Anywhere, anytime network access for schools

CC4 Access is a remote access solution for CC4 networks which gives access to your CC4 desktop, applications and all your files exactly as you would in school from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection Simply log-in through a webpage and you can access all your content as if you were in the school building.

"We've developed massively in one year
and couldn't have implemented a solution
like this without RM Education"
Alan Morris - Systems Development Manager, Ceredigion County Council

Why it works for you

Make the most of your investment

Assign applications from the RM Management console, keep your network secure with security policies that have already been developed in CC4 to make the most of existing technology in school.


Robust group policies help to provide the same level of security you have in school for those accessing externally. You’ll be able to track who has been logged on and at what time.

Ease of management

No need to manage a completely separate system - by using existing tools you'll be able to deploy the applications your users need directly to the CC4 Access server (exactly like you would when deploying software to your local stations).

Simple and reliable

CC4 Access is easy for IT departments to set up so that teachers can access a classroom desktop from their tablet, from other school locations or from home, allowing for maximum convenience and productivity in your school.

CC4 Access is currently available for up to 100 concurrent users.


RM Tutor

Enabling teachers to take control of the ICT in their classroom

RM Tutor is a powerful classroom management tool for Community Connect 4 that enables teachers to take control of the IT in their classroom. It’s been developed to support Ofsted best practice and ensures that your staff are using IT in the most effective and efficient way.

RM Tutor allows teachers to monitor, demonstrate on, and control all student devices simultaneously, survey all screens to check activity, or suspend, lock and even mute all machines to maintain class attention and keep learners on task. Teachers can connect to desktop PCs as well as Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices. RM Tutor runs on Windows 10 and supports the latest Edge and Chrome browsers.

"Teachers love using RM Tutor
because they can keep an eye
on what every student is doing at that time"
Jake Frost - Lead Technician, Sydney Russell School

Why it works for you

Provide students with a safe learning environment

Teachers can monitor all websites in use in the class, including those in the background, open and close websites remotely, and record a full history of use for the lesson for every student.

Ensure lessons start and finish promptly

To get down to work fast, use RM Tutor to start up all the student computers centrally (or just the ones you want) and log off all your students at the end of the lesson, or shut down the computers centrally.

Keep students on track

If you notice that somebody is looking at inappropriate content or is distracted from the task, it’s easy to disable internet access for that lesson or for a set period of time.

Monitor student progress

Use the Question and Answer Module to reinforce key learning points and instantly gauge student understanding during a lesson.

Provide a digital record and summary of learning objectives

The student journal delivers a complete record of all activity within a lesson, aids homework and revision, provides a valuable resource for students who have missed a lesson and gives teachers a full record of activity.

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