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We ask that you complete the form to give us an accurate picture of your Community Connect network. All you need to do is tell us how many stations you have and we’ll do the rest for you. A quote will be sent out, if applicable, for any shortfall in licences you may have.

Please note that it is a legal requirement to have adequate licences for each piece of software installed on your network that may also include licences from other vendors such as Microsoft and NetSupport.

Tell us about your network

Subscription Licensing – Now available

All subscription licences are priced per FTE (full time employee), so even if the number of clients on your network increase the cost of your subscription will not.  

  • Anyone with a CC4 network is eligible to purchase CC4 subscription licences. Including those looking to upgrade to CC4.5 and those who need additional CALs but are looking for an alternative ways to ensure they are fully licenced.
  • Rather than purchasing CC4 server licence and CAL bundles; the subscription model provides greater flexibility and at a more cost effective rate.
How it works?

The core subscription licence includes CC4 server licences and CAL licences. Then it is up to you to choose which additional options you require (again priced per FTE):

  • RM Portico
  • RM Local support tools
  • RM Network Recycle Bin
  • Printer Credits
  • Hardware Configuration Manager

CC4 Roadmap updates

RM OneDrive Mapper

The RM OneDrive Mapper will allow users to have their Office 365 OneDrive folder appear as a mapped drive on their computer. The advantage of this being that users can access files from and save files to their OneDrive without having to open their browser and enter their password every time. This mapping tool will be available to CC4 sites with a CC4.5 licence in place*.

Windows 10 for CC4

This is now available to all customers with a CC4.5 licence*. To access the download please look for CC4 Win10 Client in your download area within My Account. Please note: This client pack does not include the required Microsoft licences so you will need to ensure you have these in place prior to starting your deployment.

*Any sites without the required licensing can purchase a CC4.5 upgrade licence.
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